How to use the KCGG Discord

We have a discord server which is a communications platform that allows our members to discuss video games and also form groups, raids, teams, and more! We try to keep our discord PG13 and do not allow obscene material. Please be aware that there is a strict policy about posting illegal content on the server and people who violate this policy will be reported to the police.

To Join our discord server there are some things to agree to such as a Terms of Service and a rules to the server. Once you join the discord the only thing you will be allowed to do is Agree (by clicking the Green Checkmark) to the terms to be allows into a new channel that will allow you to submit a picture of your ID (we are an ADULT ONLY group, We ask for ID just like you would provide to a bouncer at a club) to show that you are over 18, and live near the Kansas City area. We only need to see your picture, City, State, Zip and Birthday. the rest you may blank out. This will be done via video or personal messaging in discord. we will not keep this information, it is only to prove you are a local adult in the Kansas City area.


Game Genre Grouping Explained
Our servers Are setup in Game Genres with a general section.
Our example to the left is our action and adventure group.
The ">" to the left of the Action and Adventure will show or hide this grouping. We recommend collapsing the unused groups to make it easer to view.

You will now see the 5 Options for the group
"ana-general" is the general discussion chat for the action and adventure group
"ana-forum" is the topic discussion for Action and Adventure (We will cover this topic in the next section
And finally ana-vc1,2,3 are the voice and streaming channels where members can talk and group with other members to play games together. (Member levels will allow / restrict certain activities), more channels can be added as needed.

Discord Forum Desktop Version Usage

Discord forums are a great way to orginize topics for easy access and use. These topics will hide from the left grouping after a week BUT will still be searchable and accessable by clicking on the "ana-forum" and scrolling thru the middle sections or searching for the topic

Here is what the Center and Right Sections look like on the forum. When a topic is created, it is listed in the center with the title and Post of the Creator.

On the Right side you see the actual discussion on the topic selected from the center, at this point it works like any other channel in discord. 

You can also follow topics by clicking on the "follow" button near the "Send a message" bar on the right side. 

Discord Forum Mobile Version Usage

The mobile version work somewhat the same however you do not get the side by side interface, more of a select and return interface

Clicking on the ana-forum takes you to the list of topics (top image), once you select a topic the discussion will open (bottom image) and when your done simply return to the topic list or main page.